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11 Kasım 2015 Çarşamba

The Celta part 1

It was 8 months ago it suddenly dawned on me that I should take the Celta course.Before giving details, I would like to give more information about the Celta. 

“Employers around the world ask for CELTA. It’s the practical English language teaching qualification that gives you the essential knowledge, hands-on teaching experience and classroom confidence to qualify as a teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL). The CELTA course gives you the essential skills and knowledge you need to teach English to adults and older teenagers.You get hands-on teaching practice and observation of experienced teachers, applying your learning in the classroom with English language learners.
CELTA courses are run by approved centres, based on specifications produced by Cambridge English Language Assessment. All courses have a minimum of 120 contact hours.
CELTA is great for recent graduates, people who are changing career, or teachers who want to gain a formal qualification and may want to progress to qualifications such as Delta.  “ 

I heard about it several times and never searched  it in detail. Then, I wanted to push my luck and learnt that it is the most reputable course I’ve ever heard about. I wanted to give it a go. I am such an enthusiastic teacher. Editions published by Cambridge and Oxford University, Macmillan and Longman  played a preponderant role in improving my knowledge of English, forming my accent and most importantly, improving my teaching skills as my natural ability. I have always tried to put into practise Live English programmes in which students mostly  take part in activities. I deliver roleplays so that they could perform. However , some have no education in their countries of origin and be unable to read or write in their first language, others have multiple college degrees and speak several languages.Some are young adults who have never worked; others have professional positions .These students also have diverse goals and at the same time they all need to learn English. To achieve their goals , as a teacher , I was of the opinion that the Celta programme will help me develop and deliver my lessons effectively and relevant to the students’ needs. I would  be able to determine the appropriateness of materials for  my adult students. Besides, I would be able to provide opportunities for my students to produce the target grammar in speaking and writing tasks that they might encounter outside the classroom. However, the hardest situation was to choose the appropriate course as I read about the misfortunes about some teachers. One of my colleagues had an education at International House London and he strongly suggested me taking the course there. The more I read about the Celta ,the more I noticed   it was very challenging  so I decided to read many books related to teaching English to adults, and some English books such as English Collocations in Use, Advanced Grammar in Use . It was in April I felt myself ready to apply the course.First, I applied to International House London and luckily I was accepted. I was so proud to be accepted by such a reputable course. The process was hard as I was asked to fill Celta application form and language awareness task. For the writing part , I had to think about it for a while.However , as I read many articles related to the methodology , I was able to write it. 

Please have a look at the site, you will find lots of pdf files for your career. 

They checked my form and sent another form called as pre-interview task which consists the teacher , dealing with language , using language, and why I am  interested in doing the CELTA course. We arranged a skype interview and I was asked about the usage of grammar in the language awareness task, why we use that structure,etc. The interviewer was persuaded that I am a qualified teacher to do the course. To be honest, I was planning to take the course with a friend of mine, but he was not accepted the course and then I looked for another course and compared the course and accommodation fee in both places. It is true London is a great place however my personal conviction is that  when it comes to education , it is not my cup of tea. I prefer Oxford and Cambridge. Once I had an in-service training at Lake School of English , in Oxford , which was a Refresher Course in Practical and Creative Methodology for Overseas English Language Teachers Course ( Creative Teaching in Adult Classroom ) .Needless to say , I fell in love with the education athmosphere. I just didn’t fancy hustle and bustle of city life in London. I asked for help from my previous language school the Lake School of English. The headmistress told me to have a look at British Study Centres. After that, the same process started but British Study Centres sent an extra document .It was non-native speaker test. First, I took it , then dealt with Celta application form . Once again, I was accepted to the course. I was elated to be chosen as the Celta is like gold dust.

I will write about my Celta Experience later on  but I would like to share with you  very important books for those who are willing to take the Celta. Here they are in your service, free of charge J

Aitken, R - Teaching Tenses (Nelson)
Bolitho, R & Tomlinson, B – Discover English – 2nd edition (Macmillan)
Leech, Cruickshank & Ivanič – An A-Z of English Grammar & Usage (Longman)
Murphy, R – English Grammar in Use (CUP)
Parrott, M – Grammar for English Teachers (CUP)
Swan, M – Practical English Usage (OUP)
Swan, M & Walter, C – How English Works (OUP)
Thornbury, S – How to Teach Grammar (Longman)
Gower, Walters & Philips – Teaching Practice Handbook – 2nd edition (Macmillan)
Harmer, J. – How to Teach English – 3rd edition (Longman)
Kenworthy, J – Teaching English Pronunciation (Longman)
Lewis, M & Hill, J – Practical Techniques for Language Teaching (LTP)
Riddell, D - Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language (Teach Yourself) (Hodder Arnold H&S)
Scrivener J – Learning Teaching (Macmillan)
Watkins P – Learning to Teach English (DELTA)
My holy books were  Scrivener , Jim  “Learning Teaching” and Harmer, Jeremy “The Practice of English Language Teaching”.
Enjoy your self-improvement and be ready for your best nightmare – The Celta.

Sinem Şen
English Teacher
Eskişehir / Turkey