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26 Mart 2010 Cuma

In my fairy land,did he live

In my fairy land there did live a noble man,the noblest of all.
He had his word that he had never kept.
Once he let the plants be blossoms in my childish,sensitive heart with all the vows of heaven
Was he the violent by a mossy stone,
Half hidden from the eye of evils.
Believe so much in him,
What in faith made me so?
I did pick,him, him,the mighty.
What I wanted was to blow his fears away..
Ouch! Did I manage?
So frown’d he once,when in an angry parle.
This is the poison of deep grief
I do not think’t
I did say that it was my nature
To have a signature ..
I did tell all my deepest feelings a million times
,what he did?
He’d gone..
Left within the world of sorrow,
By the window I stood like a Stone
Counted the uncoming days,but there was no one..
No knocking of the door..
All that I had was the smelling of the sorrow..
As last, Alas, my love, you do me wrong
For I have loved you well and long
..then I did change my mind
I did choose a villageman to sweep the sorrow..

by Cornelian!

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