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23 Haziran 2010 Çarşamba

Once upon a time did he come
We together had the moments of joy..
We did live in a world of mirth
There lived an unknown wizard
To take us apart into the world of thousand..
He,the cruelest,took the mighty
In thedeepest sorrow world was I drawn..
In a feast of lords,he came with his words
Was he the lord of numbers
the darkest of all..
Cruely did he approach'd with his mocking,cynical smile,
Little by little ,he'd taken his revenge on me.
He,the wizard ,wanted him to do so
Sensitivily did he choose his words
to learn my passwords..
Nothing new had been with him..
He was the lord of numbers..
Noble,loyal,kind as the others..
He said his words
I paid with my heart
Even if I tried hard..
In a sudden fall of mirth
I did feel that neverending sorrow..
All the things happening around me
became the real nightmares
without knowing how I'm goin' to react,
I found myself in that sudden falling again..

To the Lord of Darks the one never comes,the one never sees,the one that has never been..


by Cornelian

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