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23 Haziran 2011 Perşembe


I.In my fairy land,did he live

In my fairy land there did live a noble man,the noblest of all.
He had his word that he had never kept.
Once he let the plants be blossoms in my childish,sensitive heart with all the vows of heaven
Was he the violent by a mossy stone,
Half hidden from the eye of evils.
Believe so much in him,
What in faith made me so?
I did pick,him, him,the mighty.
What I wanted was to blow his fears away..
Ouch! Did I manage?
So frown’d he once,when in an angry parle.
This is the poison of deep grief
I do not think’t
I did say that it was my nature
To have a signature ..
I did tell all my deepest feelings a million times
,what he did?
He’d gone..
Left within the world of sorrow,
By the window I stood like a Stone
Counted the uncoming days,but there was no one..
No knocking of the door..
All that I had was the smelling of the sorrow..
As last, Alas, my love, you do me wrong
For I have loved you well and long
..then I did change my mind
I did choose a villageman to sweep the sorrow..


II.To the Dark LOrd PART I

Once upon a time did he come
We together had the moments of joy..
We did live in a world of mirth
There lived an unknown wizard
To take us apart into the world of thousand..
He,the cruelest,took the mighty
In thedeepest sorrow world was I drawn..
In a feast of lords,he came with his words
Was he the lord of numbers
the darkest of all..
Cruely did he approach'd with his mocking,cynical smile,
Little by little ,he'd taken his revenge on me.
He,the wizard ,wanted him to do so
Sensitivily did he choose his words
to learn my passwords..
Nothing new had been with him..
He was the lord of numbers..
Noble,loyal,kind as the others..
He said his words
I paid with my heart
Even if I tried hard..
In a sudden fall of mirth
I did feel that neverending sorrow..
All the things happening around me
became the real nightmares
without knowing how I'm goin' to react,
I found myself in that sudden falling again..

To the Lord of Darks the one never comes,the one never sees,the one that has never been..


III-TO the Dark Lord PART II

Saved from the evil wizard did my Dark lord come to my world once more
Disguised as a shepherd did he ask me a favour
It was his voice that helped me to recognize his voice..
Trembled as a coward rabbit
I did approach his world..
I met a changed man
Was he the lord of my dreams..
I let him to hold my hand,to touch my warm lips without fear..
With his warm kisses,he let the blossoms not to fade away..
I was his,he was mine..
He declared to be known so
I agreed with all the gentle behaviour of mine
We,together,began to run away from the shadow of the past
We,together,wished to be swept from the fears with our affectionate love..

IV.To the Dark Lord Part V
Sitting by his castle’s balcony
My Dark Lord thinks of agony
Lightinig his cigar, he dreams of his lady,
The one,who is so -called candy.
They are the miles that take them apart
The folding anger made him depressed
And his sweet lady is in stressed..
He,the indifferent,
She ,the preminet.
Could live the joys of life,together
Was he the one who killed the mirth inside her
For the grace of God,she could relieve..
His tongue was in poison
Like a scorpion..
By closing her eyes,she wished it to stop..
Thanks God ,they are all teardrop..


V.Never happening tale!

Once upon a time did he stole the heart of Cornelian’s
With the poisoning love words ,
İt was the easiest of all
‘cause he,the deceiver,was the master of these words
That was why the lady called her the Lord of ….
The one what the bard wants to be known as never lived..
So many words were said upon him
Was he the one under the magic of the evil wizard
Did that wizard live at all?
This man known as the Lord ….. once gave his word
All in all were they ever heard..
The cruelest ,disgraced lives the the mirth with his mocking smile
The lady so-called candy ,now ,is under the cemetery
Where she writes her poetry..
There she writes never –ending story..
Here lies the dirtiness of his footprints
Was he scared shitless..
“If this be error and upon me proved,”
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

by Sinem Şen

Ps: Son iki satır Shakespeare'in 116.sonesinden alıntıdır..


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